How to Hack Snapchat Using iOS 11

By | June 13, 2017

How to Hack Snapchat Using iOS 11

You can hack Snapchat on iPhone, sort of anyway. Here are the details.

If you are an iOS user, who also enjoys everything that the wonderful Snapchat app offers, then you are probably going to want to take notice of a new feature within iOS 11 which basically hacks the app and allows content to be captured without the sender being notified



Snapchat has grown over the years with new features being added on a regular basis. However, one a staple feature has been the fact that a sender is always notified with an alert when a recipient of a Snap opts to screenshot the image or video which has been sent.

Given the fact that Snapchat doesn’t natively offer media recording as a built-in feature, it means that those users who want to cherish or save an image have to fall back to that screenshot functionality. More often than not, much to the displeasure of the sender.

The introduction of the iOS 11 Screen Recording feature basically means that a user can now essentially hack Snapchat and record content and media without the sender having any knowledge that it is actually happening. The recipient of the Snap simply has to make sure that the Screen Recording functionality is in place and activated before heading into the Snapchat app and interacting with the sent Snap.


With screen recording active, the media will automatically be captured in a video on the device and saved to the Camera Roll for viewing at any time. It also has full audio functionality so any video-based snaps will be captured with the full experience.

It’s totally unknown if Snap Inc. is aware of this little workaround in iOS 11, or if the company has a policy in place to circumvent that new iOS 11 functionality and prevent it from happening in future, or by the time iOS 11 hits mainstream this fall.

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